Join us on our new journey to Monaco and Europe! We are so excited, and want to share with you all of our exciting adventures...and maybe some, not so exciting! Thanks for joining us...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Life in the efficiency

With Art in Monaco, and me still here in the states, I get the reports of all of Art's newest findings each day. First it was the efficiency apartment, that, as ART PUTS IT, is SMALL. So you really know it is. He can't even find a place to keep his golf clubs.

This apartment is in France, just outside of Monaco. He has been taking the bus each day, to and from his office. It's an adventure...but, today, he found that if he takes the stairs behind the building he's living in, and walks down the 117 steps, he comes to a town square...this is where he will now catch the bus. New find. And, there is an elevator here, that takes him down to Grimaldi Square, which is right on the Mediterranean. He's in heaven....having coffee on the beach this morning.

Art is so missing American TV, or even British TV. He cannot get that til he gets into our new apartment, September 1. He misses the channel surfing, sporting events and all that we are so used to in our daily television lives....

I'll be joining him for a week tomorrow, can't wait. We'll be furniture shopping for the new apartment...but if this efficiency is sooooo smallll, wait til there are two of us. Ugh.

Will write more soon when I get there.