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Monday, April 14, 2008

32nd Annual Monte Carlo CIRCUS

The International Circus of Monte Carlo came to town, with a true Circus Parade on the 19th of January, 2008. We just happened to be in the port, taking our walk, when there was a HUGE crowd gathered. This was a side show of CLOWNS and elephants, entertaining children, and adults, for free. We never got to get close enough to see the show, but it was clear that there were many enjoying the festivities.
The Espace de Fontvielle which is a year round circus structure, housing many events in Monaco, but built specifically for the Monte Carlo Circus, is adjacent to the water and Princess Grace's Rose garden. It's a lovely area of parks and walks, and a great setting for a circus. The animal rights groups may not mind the location of the "side show" because it was directly on the Mediterranean Sea...and the envy of all visitors!
After reading up on this circus, it is the event most loved by Princess Stephanie. The youngest of the Grimaldi children, Princess Stephanie resides over this event, and is present most nights. There are so many acts to see that if you don't go every evening, you will miss an act. Each night the show is different. Acrobats, animal acts, clowns, trapeze artists, and on and on. After about five or six evenings, the competition is voted upon by the Federation of Monaco, and then the rest of the shows are the "Winners Circle" event, which is what Art and I were able to see.
The night we went, there was a great act of two Walrus' playing the Blue's Brothers...quite amusing, along with an Arabian Horse act, Tigers and Lions doing their thing, and many, many acrobats...all with their arms and legs twisted just so as to be able to support four or five others upon them...ok, amazing...the strength and agility is beyond my comprehension! I have enough trouble getting off the floor when I'm down!!!
Girls, there was one act, four Italian Hunks, in all white jackets and slacks, of course, the jackets are removed to show the most unbelievably perfect bods...and they all are able to support one another, climbing up on a table, and doing acrobatics beyond belief. The imagination runs wild.
I took several photos with my cell phone as I forgot my camera, and I have no clue as to how to move them from the phone to the, you'll have to use your imagination on this one!!!
We will attend next years Circus and make sure the camera is with us...GREAT evening, lots of fun, Cotton Candy and all the fixings, can actually get a Grand Marnier Crepe at intermission...only in Monte Carlo!!!

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