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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Sunday Drive...towards the SNOW Capped Mtns.

The first Sunday in January, Art and I decided to take a drive…we headed towards Sospel, France, which is on the Italian Border to our east, but north away from the Sea. The drive was lovely, through the valleys, with the sea at our backs. All the while, we could see the snow capped mountains in the distance. We arrived in Sospel, a charming medieval village, with the buildings crowded together as always in this historical village. Color, warmth, sunlight on the windows...just a lovely sight. But, still...those snow capped mountains were looming above we needed to drive on.

Next we came upon another little village, Moulinet...another lovely town at the foot of these evasive snow capped mountains. This, too was a medieval village, just not perched high on the mountain top as usual. This little village was more of a farming village, with many olive groves on the mountain side.

We then entered the Parc du National du Mercantour, which was just that, parkland, that was pristine, uninhabited and lovely. We saw some lovely waterfalls, great revines, and lots and lots of land...what a grand site coming from the crowded city of Monte Carlo. But still, not into the snow as yet.

Then, it started...a little snow from the plows on the sides of the winding, uphill road...and more and more and more, til we, we didn't have four wheel drive in our trusty BMW we would enjoy it all from a distance.

We chose a different route coming back, which gave us lovely vistas of the sea heading towards Nice. Very hard to show you these photos, as the sun is so low in the sky and we were heading right into it...but trust us, it's a site that is amazing...high in the mountains, looking out at the seas, with all the villages and city of Nice in the distance...GRANDIOSE...just amazing!

This day, with the warmth of the sun, the chill of the snow, and the vistas from every turn, was a wonderful winter's day drive.

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Pat Aube Gray said...

Wonderful, as usual! I so enjoy these archair tours through YOUR part of the world!