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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

December Tennis Exhibition

In December, Art and I bought tickets to a tennis exhibition, indoors, at the Stadium in Monaco. When we arrived, it was a very nice sized arena…great size for this event. We felt very comfortable, as we met up with many of the gals I play tennis with. This was an exhibition, given by the professional tennis stars that reside in Monaco. Prince Albert even attended this evening. It was 10E per person, and there were no more than 1000 people in the crowd…amazing!!!
The men started off the evening working out with the local talents, the kids. This was great to see, and the men were such great hitting partners with these kids. Some were fabulous players, little guys of 6 – 12…much fun to watch…
The gents were Ivan Ljubicic, with his lovely bald head, and fun disposition, Mario Anjcic, Jonas Bjorkman (we saw him in Davis cup years ago…awesome) and Thomas Johansen. They were great to watch play doubles…having fun with it…a few BIG serves and of course, Bjorkman and Johansen won…GREAT ENTERTAINMENT.
Then the girls took the court, Safin and Henin. They were playing singles, which of course, is much less “social”….but great fun to watch. Henin did not beat Safina easily, but of course, this WAS an EXHIBITION….

Great evening, close and personal, could hear all they were saying…and a fun night of tennis in Monte Carlo!!! NOW...we will wait for the big guns to the Master's of Monte Carlo in April...can't wait for that!!!

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