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Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas, Monaco Style

For almost a month, we have been watching the decorations of Monaco be put up on every light post, most door ways, on all the palm trees along the parks, but none have been lit. Chandeliers have been strung across the Boulevard de Moulins, a lovely shopping drive in Monaco. We watched and waiting. In Casino Square, a huge structure was being erected of metal, in the shape of a tree, a Xmas Tree, but it wasn’t what this North Carolina transplant knew as our quaint Frasier fir. Believe it or not, they did bring in the firs, filled the entire structure with MANY trees, and built up this tree to be about 30 feet high, in the center of Casino Square. On the 8th of December, we went down to the square, to see the lighting of the tree and all the local decorations would light as well. Children with their families, tourists, locals, and us, all watching the tree, and the area, for the moment of the lighting. We were told the ceremony was waiting for Prince Albert to show. At 7:15, all the lights were put out on the buildings, and Ouila! Xmas appeared.

There is also, in almost every town in France and of course, in Monaco, a Christmas Festival, where there are vendors selling all the delicacies of the season, along with gift items...and of course, rides for the kiddies. Snow is a premium at the Monaco Festival...and it's just beautiful. The children can snow mobile, cross country ski, and there is even an ice skating rink that is put over the olympic sized swimming pool right in the harbour. Amazing...and truly a delight for all. Do check out the photos of the skating, with the multi million dollar yachts in the port behind it.

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Pat Aube Gray said...

What a wonderful virtual tour you are giving us as you wander in such beautiful places, so rich with history, smells and tastes! You are making it feel as though we are along for the ride!