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Friday, January 18, 2008

New Years Day Walk

After a lovely holiday in Georgia and North Carolina, putting lots of miles on the rental car, making sure to spend lots of time with our kids, and of course, Camden, we made it back to Monaco on New Years Eve.
On New Years Day, Art and I decided to go for a walk to the West of Monaco, from Beaulieu, France, around the point of Cap St. Jean, just to the East of Cap Ferrat. This walk is all along the coast, around a peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean.
As you can see by the photos, it's a most pituresque walk, around all the grand villas of Cap Ferrat and St. Jean. Even David Niven's Villa is still there, occupied by others now, but with a lovely memorial to him on the wall.
The weather was wonderful, blue sky and just great temperature. The walk takes about two hours in total. This was a great way to start our New Years off!

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