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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Flea Market in Monaco

On the first Saturday of December, the English churches of Monaco have a KERMASSE, which is an old fashioned rummage sale back in the US. It was held in the tent that was put up for the circus' that come to Monaco. We walked in and there were tables and racks full of used apparel, housewares, childrens toys and tables full of books. I'm sure, if I were to dig deep, there would be a nice selection of designer apparel you could get for a song, but, this kind of show is not up my alley...disorganized merchandising...ha ha! I just can't stand it. But, Art and I were able to buy quite a few English books, as well as some really good food!!!! Paella, Baklava, and every other treat you could imagine. English pudding was a delight as well.

Next year, I have volunteered to help out with this event...which will put a whole new light on this event for me!!!

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