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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art's Mom Visits

We had a great visit with Art's Mom...she came on the 18th of April and stayed through the 28th. She broke in our new Aerobed...worked GREAT....Mom enjoyed our US Television...which is great once you've spent five minutes watching FRENCH TELEVISION!!! Doesn't take long to appreciate a bit of home! We ate great, enjoyed lots of drives, and went to the Master's Series Tennis tournament of Monte Carlo several times. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. And the tennis was FABULOUS...Nadal won both the singles and with Robredo, the doubles. The top US players didn't show, but Sam Querrey is one to watch, he made it to the third round, and we got to see him beat Moya from Spain...which was a great match. The Bryan brothers, always so exciting to watch, didn't have their game on...first time on red clay this season, so they were probably just "adjusting"...but, I was routing with all my might for them!
We took Mom to Gourdon, to the Nest of the French it's Le Nid d' Aigle...a great restaurant with a view that is to die is a photo of her and her son...wonderful!

The tennis at Monte Carlo Country Club is quite a happening...the "stars" come out in all their finest. Prince Albert and his sisters, Tommy Hilfiger and some arm candy, Roger Moore was there (although I didn't get to see him) and more....The views from the stadium and the club are just about the best in the world...the Med is only a hundred feet, hang gliders, helicopters...all the norm here. Here is Nadal and Robredo, the winners, and if you look at the photos to the left, Federer...this one's for you, Terri!!!

Mom was a trooper, up and down stairs, all around the block and back a few times to the tennis. We rewarded her with some extra special Croissants from the local patisserie...some days they were still WARM...amazing! We had some lazy days, and some busy days, but all were quite enjoyable.

We had a fun day in San Remo, at the market...I bet you didn't think I'd ever go back after my car was confiscated there, but Art drove, parked and cared for the well being of the auto...thank goodness. She was able to buy some great pashmina's, some costume jewelry, and just savor the smells of the market place...with the pesto sauces, wonderful cheeses, and was even able to get some home made orange marmelade to carry back to Jack....Lunch was at a great seafood cafe' near the water's edge, called Da Vittorio. We were joined by some friends, Valentina and Claudio...the food was just wonderful. Couldn't have asked for a better day!

On the last day Mom was here, we were all invited to a lovely BBQ in the French Countryside, Roquefort les Pins, at David and Kylie's home, with their son, Arne. He was the great are a few photos of the little tyke, into the wine bottle...Mom enjoyed watching his antics...too funny!

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