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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Trip to NYC, and the Wedding of Mariclare & Mo

On the 25th of March, Art and I headed to NYC for a few days of work, shopping, walking and good food. We were accompanied by our dear friend, Deb Dove, who was moving her "girls" with her to the States, Oscar and was a lot of THINGS to get to the airport, with the kennels and such, but the girls were wonderful, the airline caring, and the three of us more worried than anyone....amazing, when we walked onto the aircraft, Deb was stopped by the stewardess and she was given a boarding pass that said, your dogs are safely onboard...what a wonderful relief that was...If you look below in an earlier blog, you will see these darling girls in one kennel, all cozy and comfortable...although, they did travel in two kennels!!! Leon was on the other end, the girls "Daddy", to hug Mom and to give the girls some needed loving!

Art and I hit the Oyster Bar just a little while after unpacking at the Grand Hyatt, above Grand Central Station. It was great to be in this bustling station, and to hear lots of that old New York accent! I was thrilled, and AT HOME!!! We ate Oysters and New England Clam Chowder...PERFECT!

The next day, Art took me on a little shopping spree, and he was a champ. Earning Euros is quite a joy when shopping in the US...first of all, the prices are the BEST in the US and secondly, the EURO's value is "quite" good right now to the dollar...I have no worries that our dollar will come back stronger than spirit for the US is eternal! We hit a few of my favorite spots and found some great buys. I was in need of a dress for the wedding, so this was our motive, of course, there were other things that just had to come along with us back to Monaco!
Art had a few meetings and I did some great walking. The weather was great, and Fifth Avenue is always a treat to walk. We had a few bagels, great coffee and all our favorites of NYC.

Art and I took a walk on the day we had to head out to the island...past Rockefeller Plaza, always a favorite, over to NBC's Today show Studios, and on to Saks Fifth Avenue. Here are a few pictures...and even one of a sign...IN FRENCH, in my beloved NYC...saying WELCOME...UGH...I was so ready for just plain ENGLISH...but it was charming...and I loved it!

We then headed out to some family time...for a CELEBRATION of the wedding of Mariclare & Mo...and it was quite a great time for all. The wedding was beautiful, the families came together with great joy and love, and the reception was a blast...dancing and partying, singing and more dancing...I think now I know how Mariclare and Mo got their start...on a dance floor!!! the bar!!! LOL....and after the reception, the in crowd proceeded to a bar just down the street for more fun!

Here is the gorgeous couple saying their I Do's....

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