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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Albertville, France

Our first weekend excursion was to meet up with Theresa and Don from Jupiter. We drove to Albertville, France, in the French Alps, travelling through northwestern Italy to get there.
The town was charming. Albertville hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics. We walked the town, had lunch at a great cafe', and took a drive to Chamonix, France. Art drove, and had a ball on these little mountain byways in his new car. He gave us all a few white hairs when he "passed" another vehicle...just like the French. I am totally amazed at how a culture can sit for two and a half hours for a leisurely lunch, then get in their autos and drive like maniacs...full throttle, passing at every opportunity. And...the motorbikes are WORSE... That's a whole other story.
When in Chamonix, we took the cable car to Aiguille Du Midi, on Mont Blanc. This is truly at the top of the world. Amazing... Check out the pictures.
That night we spent with four fine gentlemen friends of Donald's, who were there riding their motorcycles around France, Switzerland and parts of Italy for a couple of weeks. They ride most of the day, and spend their evenings in quaint towns, eating at their find B & B's and enjoy each other's company. Their stories are fun to listen to with their pasts from all over the world. We had a great meal, with great wine, and good conversation.
The next day, we watched as this group of "riders" mounted their bikes and took off for another destination. Don & Theresa would meet up with them that evening. We followed Don through a section of the French Alps, and drove through Col de l'Iseran, which is the highest paved road in the Alps, in the Savoie Region, on the French Italian Border. The ride was amazing, through a fabulous ski area, with chair lifts around...
We had a nice lunch at a Creperie, and went our separate ways from our good friends, we going through the tunnel at Mont Blanc, over to Italy, and back to Monaco. Theresa and Don continued on their site-seeing tour, driving to their next desitination with the motorcycle boys.
It was great spending time with them. Maybe next time they will join us in Monaco.
Love you guys for coming, thank you...

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