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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Como, Italy

Bon Giorno, Another weekend, another, only kidding, but, this is our second weekend out and about. The story is quite different, as we had a bit of a problem on Friday. Art was stopped by a Monaco Police Officer, who proceeded to tell him that his plates do not match his registration, and that even with his NEW plates in the trunk, they were NOT on the car, so they would impound his auto...yes, they took it away and he was left walking to work...he went back later, with the money they asked for, and a man to put on the plates, but, we could not get the car as it is yet in our name, still waiting for our residency cards to get all sorted out properly, and David, who the car is registered to at this time, was in England. With our trip planned and paid for, we took for for Como, Italy, about four hours away, in David's Land Rover Defender...with a small soft roof, back open, bouncing and listening to the wonderful sounds of the highway in our open top vehicle. We are very grateful to David for lending this to us, truly, but it's an experience on such a long highway drive.
We got to Como around noon time, and without Flo, our GPS navigation system, had a bit of a struggle navigating the busy streets of Como ourselves, but found the Metropole Suisse, on the lake, and in a great location. We are always relieved to see our pick of hotels in person when booking on the internet. When arriving, off we went on foot, to explore. This is a very old Italian town, on the southern tip of the lake. It's bustling with tourists, and business, lots of stores, markets going on, and the pedestrian traffic was amazing. Cobblestone streets, churches on every alley way, and cafe's offering pastries and expresso everywhere.
Around 5ish, Neva, Rick and their friend Bobbi, came to our hotel and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine and a few beers...a plate of cheese, and LOTS OF was great to see Neva Jane. We talked about our experiences, and of course, their summer experiences, new house construction, US Open with the girls, all of it. Sitting at the cafe' beside the lake, with great friends...what more could one ask of life. We soon took a walk and headed to the funicular, that took us to the top of the hill overlooking Como, and found a great tavern to eat some home made pasta and some fine vino. All enjoyed, and the view spectacular. Back down after dark, on the funicular again, and to the cafe' aside the lake, to have coffee and some Italian Gelato...can't miss this when in Italy. Of course, we all enjoyed the evening. Rick, Neva and Bobbi headed back to Mellagio and we headed back to our hotel...sad to leave them, what fun we had.
The following morning, we toured around the area and walked around Mellagio. Next time back, we'll do the otherside of the lake, Bellagio, and might even head west to Lugano...have to see and experience it all.
What a wonderful area, and we expressed that "we will be back"....this is a very special part of our world.
On our way back to Monaco, we had another experience that wasn't expected...we saw an IKEA Store, and stopped...oh my goodness...thousands of shoppers, huge place, but we found many items for our new apartment that were perfect...CHEAP AND USEFUL....Art was thrilled. But, ask him if he'd travel two hours to do it again, and we all know his answer...
Carol & Art


Marnie said...

wow, i feel like i am right there with you! you better be real careful or you will end up with all of JL visiting you real soon. miss you lots. love, Marnie

Bob & Sandy said...

What an awesome experience. Makes us want to go back to Como. Maybe next Sept. We could not be happier for you guys. We miss you both a lot. Have fun and keep us posted.
Luv Ya;
Bob & Sandy