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Monday, September 24, 2007

An enjoyable weekend!

Friday we headed out to a friend's French Chateau, beautiful home, built in the Provence Style, with a gorgeous view of the sea. The town is Le Colle sur Loop. They have three wonderful children, are British and have been in Monaco for a bit more than a year, and the kids have adjusted well. They are learning French in their International School, and the youngest, now four, is in his first year of French as the primary language....I should be in that class. We had a lovely dinner, and of course, some great wine. The following morning, Toby, Art and I snuck out early and played 18 holes of golf with another friend from Norway, Paar. We had a good time, but unfortunately, Art and I got beat...Oh well, we'll get them next time.
We headed back to Monaco, for a relaxing weekend. Watched several movies and just had a great down day on Saturday. Sunday morning, I cooked a REAL AMERICAN BREAKFAST, first in a very long time, Bacon & Eggs...they don't eat breakfast in France, just some yogurt and a croissant....yummy....but...We needed a bit of home. Then we took off in the car, for a short drive to Roquebrune Vieux Village. It is an old medieval village, just about 5 Km from our flat, tucked away in the mountain above Monaco...There is a castle here, which was probably a replacement of a caslte built in the Xth century, and this was rebuilt and occupied by the Castellans from 1157 and 1395. Hard to fathom anything this old. It is now roofless, from a fire in 1506. And has stayed this way. It used to be a part of Monaco, where the Princes made it a prison, but now it is part of France, Roquebrune Cap Martin.
Just check out the photos...we loved it, walked the entire village, and looked at every view we could.
I have been playing lots of tennis, twice last week, and three times this the Monte Carlo Country Club, where they play the tournament here, on RED CLAY. It's a great surface, and I think it's a lot like hard court with a more slick surface. It's not slow like I thought it would be. But, I like it. I do have a hard time keeping my focus, looking out at the Mediterranean with the gorgeous yachts and the sea. What a beautiful place to play tennis. I'm learning to keep score in French, and have learned a few key phrases. I am having a ball...nice gals, some British, several French...all so nice.
Well, that's it for now, wanted to share some photos with you. Oh, there is one of some gals I have met here, one is from NY and the other from GB...they are showing you my neighborhood...the yachts in the harbour.
Miss you all, Au revoir, a bientot...

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