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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Becoming Home to us....

We can finally say we are beginning to feel at home here. On Monday, Art and I moved into our new flat in the Monte-Carlo's like the Taj Mahal, coming from the efficiency we were living in.
All week long, furniture has been delivered, televisions and stereos, beds, bedding, pots & pans...everything we's almost all here. We are getting US television tomorrow with the installation of a computer, a dish in the states and slingbox...awesome for us...the people on the television speak French, German and gets old when you don't understand it all.
But...we are learning...French is coming, slowly but surely. I am determined, when I return from Grandma duty, to take a French course. So, time will tell if I can really get it or not.
Each day I take a long power walk, at first, I went ALL over this city, and checked out every's beauty, it's wealth, and it's gorgeous people and cars.'s amazing. Now, with being in the new apartment, I can walk along the beach to the Casino and back a few times...much quieter, less traffic and so lovely.
We have been restaurant hopping for a few weeks, but now with our own kitchen, we are getting it up and running. We have found a great little tavern we love in La Turbie, a town above the cliffs of Monaco in France, and they speak English very well there...we feel at home. And...the views from there are breathtaking.
Grocery shopping is an experience...there is a store here, called Carrefour''s as big as a Super Walmart....and I am so overwhelmed in it. Of course, it's just like the Super Walmarts...I go from one end to the other, several times. But I am learning.
They even have stores here, called Picard, that are JUST FROZEN FOOD. I haven't ventured in there yet, but will soon.
Last weekend, Art and I got to play golf, Art's first round since he left Beech wasn't ALWAYS pretty, but respectable. We had a great time with some good friends.
I have met a gal here, she's American, came through the path of some gals in Jupiter, and believe it or not...we played sports in high school against each other, back on Long Island. She is from the next town, we both played golf and field hockey. Amazing. Believe it or not, she was also a cheerleader, and our schools competed in football and basketball...we know we have been on the same fields and in the same gymnasiums before. What a small world this really is.
This weekend, Don & Theresa, friends from Jupiter, are going to be in the French Alps so off we go to visit them. It will be a beautiful ride, Art will get his mountain fix, we'll be able to wear a sweatshirt again, and enjoy our dear friends.
So, for revoir. Vous manquer tout très beaucoup. Jusqu' à la prochaine fois. ... (Miss you all very much...Until next time...)
Carol & Art


Cookie said...

Art & Carol,
Loved reading about your adventures. Sounds like fun! Your place looks great. I'm sure it will be special once Carol puts her magic decorative touches on it. I will keep reading your blogs because I won't be one of your guests over there unless Art can find me a ride on a freighter! Everytime I'm at St. Simons and see the ships heading out to Europe, I wonder if they take passengers. That would be a great adventure for this non-flyer!!! Love, Cookie

Susan said...

Carol & Art,
Sounds like ya'll are having a terrific time over there. Pictures are beautiful, too. Wishing we had "blogs" when we were stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 1977 but computers were a rarity back then! Email would have been nice, however. Enjoy yourselves and let us know when ya'll become grandparents. Love ya, Susan & Gordy

Judy said...

Hey Carol & Art,

What an exciting adventure and how beautiful it is over there! How's the weather? How long do you plan to stay? Will your grandchild be born & live in Florida?

Wow . . . you're having a terrific sounding time.

Enjoyed seeing the picture of Kerry and that you have dedicated the Blog to her.

I'm sure you're missing the dogs and likewise with them. Glad to hear that Deb is taking care of them.

Looking forward to keeping up with your exciting sounding lives!

Take care and God Bless.