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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Again the Tour Begins

In early June we had a visit from Joyce and Bear Baila, great friends from Jupiter...Joyce is my Birthday Buddy...we shared our 50th together in all it's splendor!!!

Joyce and Bear were great house guests...slept in our living room of our tiny flat...thank goodness it was before the move, this new place would be a BIT MORE CRAMPED than EVER!!! But, we'd do it again with them!!! Happy Campers!!!

Anyway, we did the local tours, all of Monaco, Eze, St. Paul de Vence...they loved it!!! One thing we added was a visit to the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco Ville, better known as the Roche...where Jacques Cousteau and Prince Albert I were highlighted for their expeditions. The AQUARIUM was amazing...I'd share with you some of my photos of this, hard drive crashed on my computer, had it downloaded by Art's IT guy, and believe it or not, his hard drive crashed as well...losing all my photos...I had been able to save some on a thumb drive, but most of May and early June was LOST...sorry!!!

Joyce...loves those Smart Cars!!!
Art took the day off on Friday and we headed for an Italian Market in was a hit with Joyce...we spent some money on fine leather goods, great jewelry, and a few other odds and eds...From there we went to Cinque Terre, staying in Riomaggiore this time, the southern most village. It was a great change for me. We dined on pasta, fish and of course...had a few lemoncello's after dinner...WOW, that hike up to the top of the village where our B & B was located was a bit more difficult with those in you!!! Nevertheless...we would do it again!!!

Friday we tackled Riomaggiore, ate well, walked lots and just enjoyed the fresh fruit, bread and of course, beer and more lemoncellos...Saturday, after a nice breakfast, we began our hike to Manorola, Corniglia and ended in Vernazia...returning by boat...what a beautiful time of day to take the boat. Again we dined on the local ligurian fare...awesome!!! Sunday, we made a decision to drive to Monterosso al Mare, visited the last of the villages, and then took off for Santa Margherita, where we hopped the ferry to Portofino...and again, amazing!!! All the wonderful villas along the way of this Italian Riviera coast...beach clubs, and restaurants and hotels. All primping for the summer holiday ahead.

We dined in Portofino, shopped some, and walked all about. Art and I bought our favorite Pinot Grigio which is massed produced in this area, Santa Margherita...we bought it for 10E a bottle...which at the time was about $15...and wow, that's cheaper than COSTCO...amazing!!! ha ha

After a nice long weekend, and a deluge of rain as we got on the Ferry, we headed back to our humble abode in Monaco with our guests...all the while wishing we could have stayed in the paradise of Portofino...

Monday and Tuesday was more touring...All the neighboring villages and towns, as well as the REST of Monaco...dining on the water in Cap d' the life of the locals...

As much as we tour the same places with our friends, we never have tired of the scenery, culture or beauty of this land we are so lucky to live in for a while....

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