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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lunches by the Sea...hmmm, so nice!!!

The perfect way to spend a day in the South of France, is having a long, leisurely lunch, by the sea! Starting in June, for Art's 53rd birthday, his friend, David, along with a few others, took Art and of course, I, to Mala Beach via David's boat, for lunch.

Then, I got the lucky lottery ticket, and some friends invited me to join them to Cap d'Antibes for lunch, via their boat...Sooty Too! Our good friends, Peter & Rosy Dunn, from England, and myself, to a wonderful seaside restaurant, Belle Rives...again, just a wonderful place, great time with friends, and as usual, a bit too much ROSE'!!!

Peter, the Captain...fine job!!! And, pictures of the Belle Cap d'Antibes...

And one Sunday, we headed out, again on the Dunn's fine motor yacht, Sooty Too, to Eze bord du Mer for a lunch with some of our dearest friends here in Monaco, Tom & Linda Hsu & others, at Anjuna (my spelling on this is not too good, sounds like...) What a fabulous time we had, although it was a bit warm...we were serenaded by a troupe called the Gypsy Queens, yup, all guessed it, they were great entertainment...sang all Beatles and Beach Boys...too good! Again, a lot of Rose' Wine...and a lot of ice cubes with water...they have to have an ice machine here...not everywhere, but definitely here!!! My friend, Linda, and her husband, Tom, are standing to my right...poor Tom, took a spill getting off the boat, got soaked, and ended up the lucky duck during this very warm day in the sun!!!

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