Join us on our new journey to Monaco and Europe! We are so excited, and want to share with you all of our exciting adventures...and maybe some, not so exciting! Thanks for joining us...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day Visitors from Home!!!

Ken & Joanie Huntman came to Monaco on a cruise, and we gave them their tour of Monaco AND the entire area. They had a long port stay, so we picked them up and off we went, EVERYWHERE in the vicinity of Monaco...including Monaco...Eze, St. Paul de Vence and dinner in La Turbie...What a great time we had with the both of them...hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!!!

Anne Marie Semich and her darling daughter, Sydney, came to Monaco to join us for lunch at the Monte Carlo Country Club, where I play tennis...almost every day!!! We were in the middle of our BIG move to our new flat, but we were so excited to take the time out of our day to visit with them. What a great time we had! Thanks for coming...we love having friends visit, especially when they bring us a CD with Barry's sermon and David C's music...AMAZING!!! We miss it so!!!

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