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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Amazing Nights in Monaco

We were privileged to have been invited, on the Fourth of July, 20 minutes before show time, to the Diana Ross Show at The Sporting, about 200 yards from our flat in Monaco, right on the water...what a night it was. We were dressed for the Monaco - USA Fourth of July Celebration on the beach when my phone rang and Anja & Toby said they had two extra tickets for dinner and the show, could we make it...well, of COURSE we 15 minutes we were dressed for the show, and at our seats!!! What a night...the company was fantastic, champagne amazing, and when the roof retracted on the 2000 seat auditorium, set with white linened dining tables, and the fireworks began, we were truly amazed. Then, the floor in front of what we thought was the stage, raised to table level, out walked Diana, in all her sequins and feathers...belting out song after song of the Supreme's, Mahogany, Billie Holiday and more! We couldn't get enough...

AGAIN, we were so lucky to be invited to see ZZ Topp with a large group of ship brokers and their friends at the same venue...and again, the same wonderful effects. Everyone was dancing, standing on chairs, and rocking out to the boys from Houston...again, an amazing night!!!

But, AGAIN, in the same week in July, our friends invited us to see Alicia Keys...and she was able to wow us again! With the retracting ceiling being an, I know it's coming, and the fireworks, just usual...but SHE WAS AMAZING...I did not bring my camera in to either of the first two shows, but slipped it in my bag for the third, and here are a few pics from that fab night!!! I'm now a big fan of ZZ Top and Alicia Keys...what fun!

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