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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arne Ellis William's 2nd Birthday, in France

On the 10th of November, Art's business partner's son, turned two. They had a very lovely birthday party for him at their chateau in Roquefort les Pins, in the Var, just west of Monaco, in France. Their home is a renovated 300 year old farm house with charm and elegance. But, their pool and pool house, is just gorgeous! There was a succulent pig roasting, loads of gorgeous food and drink, and of course, a cake in the shape of a Container Ship!!! How Cool! Babies, children, and grownups all had a wonderful time!

There was swimming galore by the children...and of course, a fire in the pool house to warm up by!

The crowd was very international, with English, American, Norwegian, Sweedish, Italian, French, Philippine, Irish, and I'm sure a few nationalities I've missed!!! Arne may not remember this fine day, but the rest of us will not!!!

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