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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm BACK at it...

OK, I'm guilty...of not posting to my blog in a very very very long time! Not because I haven't been doing anything here, but just because time has gotten away from me.

So, let's start with a day, last October, when Art and I went down to the Go Cart Races in Monaco....PROFESSIONAL GO CART RACING!!! The track was set up in the port...and as we approached the port, we could hear the high pitched whining of the engines...squealing tires, and the announcer's chants....It was the 12th Monaco Kart Cup!!! And was it cool! They had pits set up, with tents and lots of spare parts...and a track, with hair pin turns...up and down hills, straight aways and all! Way cool! The only problem is, we weren't driving them!!!

We have absolutely NO clue who won each class...girls races, guys races, mixed races, kids races...about everything you could think of. Big carts, little carts...just amazing the money spent. I'm sure there was some good prize money, but I am sure there were a lot more cars than prize money!!!

I'm even posting a video for you to see the SPEED they went! Monaco...this country never ceases to amaze me!!!

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