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Thursday, March 12, 2009

J'ai appris a parler francais!!!

On the 5th of January, I started one of my most memorable experiences here in France...I attened the Institute de Villefranche, France. For SIX weeks, I travelled back and forth to Villefranche, five days per week, with lessons from 9 AM until 4:45 PM, and was totally immersed IN the language!
My first two weeks, I studied until I could not keep my eyes open, trying to learn as much as I possibly could...and what a job it was!
I am STILL at confidence to speak is amazing, I am now conversing with folks I have never been able to speak with, because THEY DON'T speak English!
Life here in Monaco and France had been quite limited...I never felt like I was a "part" of the culture here, couldn't order a drink in French, nor so much as French Fries! Pomme frites!
Maintenant, je peux parler francais, et, j'apprenais francais pour quelque fois! J'adore le langue, et je suis tres contente a comprendre le langue! Je marche dans les rues et de sentir que je suis maintenant un participant, non plus un "etranger" ... c'est tres bon! (Now, I can speak French, and, I will learn French for some time! I adore the language, and I am very content to understand the language. I walk down the road and feel that I am a now a participant, no longer an outsider! It is GREAT!)
So, enjoy a few photos of this wonderful's been here for 30 teacher, Magali, is amazing...and I was lucky to have her for SIX FULL weeks, and am continuing to have lessons with her each week!
For me, this IS the total experience!!!
This is the site for the check it out!


Pat Aube Gray said...

Glad you are writing on your blog again! Just lucky it's almost all in English!Love all the photos and the descriptions.

mbc0225 said...

Love your blog...We're so happy you guys are enjoying your adventure! We will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next February. We're thinking about coming to Europe for a cruise! I will keep you posted. All our best to you guys. We miss you. MB & Big George

Bec said...

Bonjour Carol, so glad to see the new pics and hear your news.
Bec and Hal

boatshop said...

Hello Art and Carol, Looks like way too much fun. Lloyd