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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grotto di Toriano, Italy

The beginning of November, our dear friends, Valentina and Claudio, residents of Monaco, but Italians by birth, took us for a wonderful day into Italy. Claudio just bought a NEW Jeep Grand Cherokee, and wanted to show it off to us Americans....what a great ride we had.
First we went to a darling seaside village on the ligurian coast of Italy, not more than an hours ride from Monaco...Alessio!!! Here we took a very quiet walk, along the seaside as well as through the quaint village.

There were charming shops, and of course, the most tantalizing patisseries...with mounds of sweets in their windows.

Along with the aroma of fresh baked the boulangeries. WOW, what a morning...our mouths were watering. We dined outside of a small cafe', and we ordered spaghetti al mare and gnocchi!!! Yes, it was as good as it sounds. A bottle of chianti, some fresh bread, and of course, a bottle of sparkling water, and we were set!

We were in need of a walk, but got back in the jeep, and headed north to the Grotto di Toriano...well worth the trip! We took a tour, and of course, the guide spoke only Italian. We were able to follow along....knowing one type grows up, one grows down!

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