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Thursday, March 12, 2009

If it's Christmas in France, the Creche's are abundant!!!

On another, blue skied Sunday in France, early in December, Art and I took a ride to a town that is famous for it's 400 plus creches. Every year since 1998, this medieval village, north of Nice, perched high on a cliff, celebrates the birth of our Lord with almost every villager displaying a creche, in virtually every nook and cranny, along their ancient stone lined steps, up, down, through and around their village!!! You could not blink for fear you would MISS a special creche! The sizes ranged from a creche made in a walnut shell, to a life size creche at the entrance of the village.

On this special day, we were lucky to have a visit by "Pere Noel" along with his donkey, angel children, the farmer, and the maiden...what luck we had this special Sunday, at Christmas time.

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